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When "It" Happens to Your HealthTM book

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When "It" Happens to Your HealthTM

Jerry Wayne goes into a tailspin after experiencing a horrific car accident. Then one night, the young man meets Reginald Jefferson, who teaches Jerry how to become Change-Resilient and changes his life forever.

A simple story with a powerful message, When "It" Happens! To Your HealthTM offers what other “coping with change” books have missed — step-by-step, how-to guidance that really works.

The 5 Action Steps

You'll learn 5 Action Steps for handling any health-related change — to yourself or others:

  • Overcome the negative feelings that come with change
  • Reframe unproductive thoughts & beliefs
  • Unfreeze and try new behaviors
  • Arrange encouraging consequences to keep yourself motivated
  • Discover the impact you have on others as you deal with change

Change comes in many forms. No matter what the circumstances, you can deal with it in ways that make the experience easier and the results positive.

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