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Brian John, Ph. D.

Brian John, Ph. D., Consultant

As a former psychologist of an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, Dr. Brian John excels in assisting individuals and families to embrace tremendous challenges with courage and confidence. After becoming a health-care consultant, Brian led a comprehensive leadership development project for a major inpatient physical rehabilitation facility. He provided leadership assessment, coaching, and training to executives and staff members at all levels of the organization. Results indicated significant improvements in leadership capacity, patient satisfaction (98%), and employee satisfaction.

Dr. John has the skills to assess and directly manage change in a variety of demanding and complex health-care situations, from addressing individual resistance to improving patient satisfaction across a large system. Dr. John was a key member of the development team for LifePath’s Take Control of Your RecoveryTM Program and worked hard to ensure it is practical and immediately useful for patients, families, and staff.

Toni Johnson

Toni Johnson, Consultant

Toni Johnson is a change-management consultant with over 25 years of experience working with individuals, groups, and leaders. Toni helps others use Dr. Julie Smith's 5 Action Steps to achieve personal Change-ResilienceTM and Make Change WorkTM organizationally. Her experience with this powerful change model uniquely prepares her to support facility personnel in executing the Take Control of Your RecoveryTM program.

Toni brings veteran expertise in creating program effectiveness by ensuring the critical staff behaviors necessary for success occur consistently. Her coaching has driven strategy execution and performance improvement in a wide range of enterprises.

Toni is an expert facilitator, certified in Organizational Engineering, MBTI, and other leadership development approaches. She holds a certificate in Coaching & Mentoring for Leaders, Managers, and HR Executives (California State — Long Beach).

Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph. D.

Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph. D., Consultant

Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D., MS, PT is a psychologist, physical therapist, and national lecturer who specializes in helping people with physical challenges decrease stress and enjoy their lives. Her years of working one-on-one with patients and families have resulted in unique insights into how to best help people adapt to change. As a result, Elizabeth has dedicated herself to getting simple tools out to broad audiences using a variety of media. She was inspired to bring LifePath’s proven methodology to the HealthCare industry to provide practitioners, staff, patients, and families with an alternative to the status quo.

Dr. Lombardo has been featured in various media outlets including, Redbook, Dallas Morning News, Hartford Courant and XM Magazine as well as dozens of radio stations around the world. She has written scores of articles for both academic and general populations including a monthly column at for health professionals on psychological issues.  Her newest book, The Happiness Prescription; Your Complete Rx from A-Z, is being published by Morgan James and due in stores spring 2009.

Mike Patrick

Mike Patrick, Consultant

Mike Patrick became a quadriplegic at age sixteen as a result of a football injury. He is currently a health educator and lecturer and holds a BS degree in School and Community Health Education from the University of Minnesota. Mike has over 35 years of experience sharing his personal recovery experiences with patients, families and students. He has learned to overcome discouragement and negative thinking, by turning limitations into achievements. He believes that with the right attitude, you can find the solution to just about any problem.

Mike's lectures have helped individuals overcome obstacles, creatively solve problems, improve attitudes, change perceptions, and perform successfully. When asked to contribute to the Take Control of Your RecoveryTM program, Mike did not hesitate. Mike’s Story on the Getting Started DVD provides an example of how he used the 5 Action Steps to adapt successfully to the limitations of living with quadriplegia.

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