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Meet Dr. Julie M. Smith
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Julie M. Smith, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO, LifePath, LLC

Co-founder, CLG, Inc.

Dr. Julie M. Smith has pioneered some of the most powerful and practical change tools available today. As the founder of LifePath, LLC, she has developed innovative, proven personal change tools to help individuals enact change in their lives—to become truly Change-Resilient. LifePath's series of "It" Happens!TM books and workshops help people adapt to specific major life changes. Julie’s When "It" Happens! to Your HealthTM series has been widely acclaimed by health care providers, patients, and their families as a breakthrough in helping patients become fully engaged in their own recovery.

As a co-founder of CLG, Inc., a global consulting company, Dr. Julie Smith has helped health care organizations and Fortune 500 companies apply CLG's unique behavior-based Change CatalystSM methodology to execute strategic initiatives such as mergers, reorganizations, cultural transformations, and IT systems deployments. She currently is working with a global pharmaceutical to help them transform their culture and work processes to become more patient and customer centric. Her work takes her from the CEO suite to the front-line around the world.

Dr. Smith serves as an Expert Faculty member for NRC Picker's Patient-Centered Care Institute. She has the honor of being the only change-management expert serving alongside 22 other health care leaders selected world-wide to provide thought leadership and best practices. A globally recognized authority on patient-centered care, NRC Picker's measurement and quality tools are used by hospitals throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Julie's keynote presentations incorporate extensive experience, humor, and real-world examples from her consulting and coaching relationships. Audiences say that she brings a masterful clarity to the most complex change issues and leaves them with tools they can use immediately.

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