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Grateful Patients are Your Best Ambassadors!

The benefits of the Take Control of Your RecoveryTM program are far-reaching.

Organizational Benefits

  • Significantly improve patient satisfaction
  • Higher HCAHPS scores
  • Reduced length of stay
  • Reduced complaints and grievances
  • Improve safety and risk awareness
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Enhanced hospital reputation
LifePath benefits your staff.
LifePath benefits your organization.

Staff Benefits

  • No additional burden on staff because patients "own" the program
  • Improved employee satisfaction because patients are more positive and cooperative
  • Practical tools to support emotional needs of patients
  • Improved communication and partnering with patient and families
  • More productive treatment team meetings
  • Better planning for discharge
  • A refreshing way for patients to raise issues early
LifePath benefits patients and families.

Patient and Family Benefits

  • Overcome fear to create the best life possible
  • Cope with daily challenges and worries
  • Create a more positive and realistic outlook
  • Develop and commit to a treatment plan that works
  • Discuss and resolve difficult issues
  • Get the support needed to keep going
  • Inspire others by example
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